Reclaimed Water Master Plan Report

To encourage the development of water reuse, the Texas Water Development Board has funded 50% of Fort Worth’s Reclaimed Water Priority and Implementation Plan. (The Dallas/Fort Worth area is in Region C of the Texas Water Development Board’s regional plans.) In this plan, the Water Department met with potential customers to quantify potential reclaimed water usage. View a map of the potential reclaimed water service areas(PDF, 992KB).

Based on this information, service areas were identified, and conceptual distribution system including reclaimed water transmission mains, pump stations and storage tanks were developed. This could provide approximately 12 million gallons per day based on existing customer demands. This will allow the department to use low interest state revolving fund loans, state and federal grants, as well customer capital contributions. The current plan is to construct a reclaimed water network of pipelines in far north and far east Fort Worth in the next three to four years.

Download a copy of the Reclaimed Water Priority and Implementation Plan(PDF, 29MB) .