Reuse: Frequently Asked Questions

What is reclaimed water?

Reclaimed water is highly treated wastewater effluent that is used for beneficial purposes.

What is reclaimed water used for?

Reclaimed water can be used for a number of purposes that do not require drinking water quality. Planned uses for the Village Creek Reclaimed Water Delivery System include irrigation of parks, golf courses and other open space areas; commercial and industrial uses such as for cooling water or natural gas well drilling operations.

Is reclaimed water safe?

Yes. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requires that reclaimed water meet strict water quality standards. Reclaimed water has been used safely in some areas of the United States for up to 70 years. There have been no documented cases of any public health issues associated with using properly treated reclaimed water.

Does reclaimed water smell bad?

No, reclaimed water has very little odor. The water is disinfected, so the only smell is a slight chlorine odor.

How will using reclaimed water benefit our community?

Every gallon of reclaimed water that is used for irrigation, industrial or commercial purposes, saves a gallon of valuable drinking water supply. Use of reclaimed water will reduce the need for additional drinking water supplies and treatment facilities. Additionally, reclaimed water can be an economical alternative to drinking water for irrigation, industrial and commercial uses, and is not restricted during times of drought.

Will reclaimed water harm grass or other landscaping?

Most grasses and plants thrive when irrigated with reclaimed water. In fact, the reclaimed water contains more nutrients than drinking water, and can reduce the amount of fertilizer needed.

What other communities use reclaimed water?

Reclaimed water has been used in some areas of the United States for up to70 years. Major cities in Texas with reclaimed water programs include Amarillo, El Paso, Odessa, Austin, and San Antonio. Locally, the Los Colinas development in Irving is a major user of reclaimed water. Other states with major reclaimed water programs include Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada and Hawaii.

Is reclaimed water monitored for quality?

Yes, reclaimed water quality is monitored regularly to ensure that it meets all water quality requirements established by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.