Here’s what’s next for the Panther Island bridges

Published on June 01, 2021

the base of one of the bridges

With the official ribbon cutting ceremony taking place on the White Settlement Road Bridge in May, motorists might be asking, “What’s next?”

White Settlement Road Bridge

  • The bridge opened to vehicle traffic April 2.
  • The contractor continues to work on the underside of the bridge, rubbing out concrete blemishes. The bottom of the bridge will be painted this summer.
  • Site grading is underway.

North Main Street Bridge

  • Estimated bridge opening: summer 2021.
  • The pedestrian traffic barrier has been completed.
  • The contractor has also completed the sidewalk and landscaping around the bridge.
  • The pedestrian sidewalk handrail is underway.

Henderson Street Bridge

  • Estimated bridge opening: Late summer 2021.
  • The final bridge deck was poured on May 5.
  • Two abutment slabs were poured on May 12 and May 13.
  • The contractor is working on transverse tendon installation, stressing and grouting.
  • Simultaneously, the falsework removal is underway.



Photo: Work continues this summer on two of the three V-pier bridges that will serve Panther Island.



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