Call FWFD’s emergency number for fire, medical response

Published on July 19, 2021

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Providing timely and professional service is a priority for the Fort Worth Fire Department and the Fort Worth Police Department. Like many agencies across the country, the Police Communications Division has been experiencing staffing challenges that department leaders are working diligently to rectify.

The Fort Worth Fire Department is working with the Fort Worth Police Department’s Communications Division to assist in answering 911 fire or medical emergency calls. The two departments are working together to ensure that residents and visitors receive the prompt service they need during an emergency.

As always, if you have an emergency, continue to call or text 911 to report a need for police, fire or EMS assistance. However, if you feel that you are experiencing a longer than expected delay in your call being answered for a fire or medical issue, call the Fort Worth Fire Department at 817-923-6699.



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