Trinity Metro task force tackles ridership

Published on October 28, 2022

TEXRail riding on its tracks

Trinity Metro convened a task force to evaluate ridership and develop plans to promote and encourage greater use of Trinity Metro’s services. The results of the task force were announced at the agency’s board of directors meeting on Monday.

“Trinity Metro is leading in Texas with 81% ridership recovery from pre-pandemic levels,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Richard Andreski. “We want to keep that momentum going by finding more ways to engage riders and to generate excitement about public transportation.”

The Ridership Task Force came together over the course of 30 days to create goals and tactics for enhancing ridership throughout the next year. The first of the nine ideas will occur in January, when the agency celebrates a Re-Grand Opening event for TEXRail, which began operating on Jan. 10, 2019.

“This will be a fun way to celebrate TEXRail’s fourth anniversary and to generate excitement about riding the rails,” said Melissa Chrisman, the executive sponsor of the Ridership Task Force and vice president of marketing and communications. “TEXRail’s ridership continues to grow, and an event like this could generate interest from people who haven’t tried it yet.”

Another event will be tied in with the Spring Service Change. Trinity Metro modifies schedules twice a year, and customers may not always be aware of the changes or understand that their feedback and the need for increased efficiencies spur the updates. To share information and answer questions, the agency will have a designated day when representatives will be out talking with customers and community partners to raise awareness and engagement.

Throughout the year, the agency will work on bus stop and transit station improvements.

“Improving stops and stations is an importance step for customers,” Chrisman said. “Anything we can do to provide a better customer experience means they will be more likely to ride again.”

The agency also plans to implement a rewards/loyalty program, much like other businesses and restaurants offer. Participants would earn points and rewards to encourage their continued utilization of public transportation.

Some of the proposals are more behind-the-scenes efforts, including upgrading technology, mobile app integration and website improvements. Additional ideas include security initiatives and including veterans in the agency’s reduced fare program.



Photo: Trinity Metro will generate excitement around its TEXRail service with a Re-Grand Opening event in January.



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