Winter weather? City road crews say bring it on

Published on November 17, 2022

CITY NEWS tpw-winter weather preps.png

Even though winter doesn’t officially begin until Dec. 21, early preparation is key to successfully managing severe weather in Fort Worth. City crews are hard at work preparing for whatever inclement weather heads our way this winter.

Each year, Fort Worth road crews complete spreader training in October. Staff members practice proper sanding operations and inspect equipment before it’s called into action. Preparation includes personnel scheduling, mobilization, equipment inspection and calibration, as well as loading and spreading procedures.

The City has more than 3,000 tons of a 90% sand/10% salt mixture that can be spread on roadways in a preassigned pattern. The sand provides traction for vehicles, and the salt keeps the sand from freezing during cold weather.

The sand-salt mixture is stored at locations throughout Fort Worth so crews can quickly access it as a storm moves in.

During a winter event, crews will monitor and sand 222 bridges and 67 critical hills, as well as hospital emergency room entrance ramps and Fire Department entrances and major intersections throughout Fort Worth.

Crews also prepare and apply a brine mixture to bridges no more than 48 hours ahead of forecasted winter precipitation. The brine acts as an anti-icing agent on bridges.

“Preparation is key for our staff to be able to quickly and efficiently manage any winter weather within the City of Fort Worth,” said Lauren Prieur, interim director of the Transportation & Public Works Department. “We are proud of the work put into preparation and the recognition our team has received by the American Public Works Association as a model program for other cities.”



Photo: Fort Worth crews practice sanding operations during their October training sessions.



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