Short Term Rentals Update Dec. 6, 2022

Published on December 06, 2022

CITY NEWS short term rental.jpg

What’s the update on STRs?

Today, the City Council directed staff to keep the current Zoning Ordinance regulation which does not allow Short Term Rentals, or STR, in residential zoning districts and requires a zoning change for STR use.

Additionally, the City Council heard a briefing on regulation options regarding Short Term Rentals or STR’s and asked staff to bring forward a registration ordinance and process for legal STRs. An STR registration ordinance is currently being drafted. The ordinance would require registration with an annual fee, payment of hotel occupancy taxes, property owner consent, and a 24/7 local contact. Only legal STRs are able to register.

What happens next?

Staff will share the draft registration ordinance later this month and anticipates bringing it to the City Council for consideration in late January.

Code Compliance will resume enforcement of zoning violations on a complaint basis, regardless of nuisance violations, and will communicate with property owners with active cases in the coming weeks.

What has taken place so far?

View the Short-Term Rental webpage for details. Past meetings can be viewed on FWTV and YouTube


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