During Texas SmartScape Month, Plant Smarter. Plant Natives

Published on March 01, 2022

a photo of plants up against a fence

March is Texas SmartScape Month, promoting the water conservation, pollution prevention, composting, lawn care maintenance and waste reduction principles of the Texas SmartScape program. Since March kicks off landscaping season here in North Texas, this is an excellent time to Plant Smarter. Plant Natives.

SmartScape principles offer a variety of advantages for local ecosystems and homeowners’ wallets. These methods add aesthetic value and help control soil temperature, erosion and invasive species while providing a habitat for a variety of pollinators. They can reduce the amount of fertilizer and water required by lawns and landscapes, reducing harm to waterways and the wildlife that rely on them.

SmartScape-approved plants are native or adapted to the North Central Texas climate, needing less water and fertilizer to thrive in both intense heat and unpredictable winters. By incorporating Texas SmartScape plants and strategies into your landscape design and care routine, you can save money, time, water and reduce harmful chemical use.

Turn your yard into a resilient and attractive SmartScape yard by planting native and adapted plants. Search the plant database, check out landscape design tools, find a demonstration garden to visit, get fertilization tips and more online



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