Do you know your watering days?

Published on May 02, 2022

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Up to half of summer water usage is outdoors — for watering lawns and landscapes. Help reduce that number by following the city’s mandatory watering schedule and maximizing water efficiency when using your sprinkler systems.

Days and times

Fort Worth Water customers can use irrigation systems no more than twice a week. Your address determines your watering days. No customers can water on Monday.

Sprinkler systems cannot be used between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Residents can water by handheld hose, drip irrigation or soaker hose anytime.

How much water

Established lawns and landscapes need no more than one inch of water per week during summer. Any rain reduces the amount of water needed through irrigation. Your yard may not need water twice a week most weeks of the year. Sign up for the Weekly Watering Advice for a text or email with localized watering recommendations for each week.

Knowing how much water you are putting on the lawn is also important. Use the Irrigation Calculator Tool to estimate how much water you use each time you run your system. Do a catch-can test as another tool to determine how long it takes to get your desired amount of water.

Know your system

Learn how your irrigation system works to improve its efficiency. Fort Worth Water has eight great videos to teach you sprinkler system basic and advanced tips.

Visit for more ways to save water and money outdoors this summer.



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