Many exciting changes underway at Future City Hall tower

Published on August 23, 2022

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As part of a goal to transform the way city services are delivered in Fort Worth, the City purchased the former Pier 1 building at 100 Energy Way. The move will bring functions from 22 departments from 14 buildings into the site.

The existing tower is also undergoing a number of changes to support a welcoming and functional space for municipal government.

Some changes are already underway, such as replacing more than 20 sections of roofing, replacing core information technology functions and updating security systems.

Project managers are working through designs to heavily renovate many of the floors in the building to promote collaboration and transformed services. These renovations will include emphasizing the shared daylight principle, looking to maximize the use of natural light into the space and provide lines of sight to windows for all workers on the floor.

A critical part of the upgrades is ensuring the designs allow City departments to grow and change over the next 50 years, putting an emphasis on constructing spaces that can be easily converted to meet departments’ future needs.

In addition to renovating the City staff floors, the tower will be undergoing major changes to play host to the City’s one-stop-shop customer service functions. This area will house many of the major customer-facing functions in one area, reducing trips around town and bringing together critical functions that currently operate in distant buildings.

Updates are also coming to the lobby level. These changes are aimed at providing an efficient and equitable City Hall experience. Look for intuitive wayfinding, alternative areas to work while in the building, and a pre-council lobby area to better serve members of the community on council days.

The building will see updates to the terrace level, including the cafeteria, which will eventually host a food hall concept, providing meal options to those in the tower and from the surrounding neighborhood.

Additional changes are planned to better accommodate some of the incredible art from the community, including the potential for a rotating art program and partnerships with local art communities.

Updates are being made to better serve residents who require ADA accommodations. Everyone should feel safe and welcomed while visiting their City Hall.

Residents can learn about Future City Hall by emailing questions. Many of these questions and answers will appear in future communications with residents.

View details on the Council Chamber groundbreaking event on Sept. 15.


CITY NEWS future city hall-precouncil lobby.PNG

CITY NEWS future city hall-lobby service counter.PNG

Photos: Renderings show the ground-floor lobby (top), the pre-council lobby (above) and the lobby-level customer service counter.



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