Comment on transportation impact fees

Published on August 02, 2022

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The City of Fort Worth’s 2022 Transportation Impact Fee Study is complete and has been sent to City Council by the Capital Improvement Advisory Committee. It is available for public comment and review on the land use assumptions and transportation improvement plan associated with the 2022 Transportation Impact Fee Study.

A public hearing will take place during the regularly scheduled City Council meeting at 10 a.m. Sept. 27 at City Hall, 200 Texas St.

View the 2022 Transportation Impact Fee Study.

Impact fees are a mechanism for funding the public infrastructure necessitated by new development. Across the country, they are used to fund police and fire facilities, parks, schools, roads and utilities. In Texas, the Legislature has allowed their use for water, wastewater, roadway and drainage facilities.

Since 1989, these fees have been used to fund public water and wastewater improvements in Fort Worth. Since 2008, they have been used to fund transportation infrastructure. In the most basic terms, impact fees are meant to recover the increasing cost of the impact of each new unit of development creating new infrastructure needs.

To learn more, view the City’s transportation impact fees webpage.



Photo: Since 2008, impact fees have been used to fund transportation infrastructure in areas with new development.



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