School crossing guards offered to eligible Fort Worth middle schools

Published on September 22, 2022

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What it does: Provides safer roadway crossing to middle school students.

What’s the benefit to taxpayers? Having safe school crossing paths is important to the health and welfare of the community.

What’s the budget proposal: $3.67 million.

What’s next: The City Council on Sept. 13 approved expanding school crossing guards to middle schools.


Fort Worth will begin offering crossing guard services at middle schools in Fort Worth, including public, charter and private schools.

Money for the school crossing guard program comes from the Crime Control & Prevention District, but the City’s Transportation & Public Works Department oversees the program.

The City Council on Sept. 13 approved a $117.7 million CCPD budget. The City Council requested that middle schools be offered crossing guards to help students stay safe.

The CCPD board approved $3.67 million for the program, an increase of $858,035. The amount also includes $756,000 to pay for one-time capital costs, such as pavement markings and signs.

The City contracts with All City Management Services for the crossing guards.

The Transportation & Public Works Department will soon issue school crossing guard request forms, which must be completed and submitted by the school principal for consideration. Crossing guard requests are approved based on certain safety-related criteria, including number of students crossing at intersections and number of road lanes.

Currently, the program serves 137 elementary schools.


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Photo: Middle schools will be offered crossing guards to help keep students safe.



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