Arlington Heights & Greater Como Street Improvements

  • Project typeStreet & Transportation Improvements
  • Project value$14,500,000.00
Street & Transportation Improvements

Plans are underway for street improvements to fifteen streets and three alleys located in the Arlington Heights, Greater Como, and Hemphill areas.

The following streets will be repaved with upgrades to the water, sewer and storm water drainage:

  1. Carver Dr, from Prevost St to Hervie St
  2. Fernander Dr, from Prevost St to Hervie St
  3. 8th Ave, from W Dickson St to W Pafford St
  4. Frazier Ave, from Cleburne Rd to W Biddison St
  5. Frazier Ave (S), from W Bolt St to Flint St
  6. Townsend Dr, from W Drew St to Flint St
  7. Wayside Ave, from W Drew St to W Bolt St
  8. Dickson St, from James Ave to Ryan Ave
  9. Drew St,  from Wayside Ave. to Frazier Ave.
  10. Bolt St,  from McCart Ave. to East Rail Road
  11. Prevost St,  from 163 feet north of Carver St to Vickery Blvd
  12. Townsend Dr,  from Flint St. to Pafford St.
  13. Carver Dr, from Prevost St to Merrick St
  14. Wayside Ave, from Biddison St to Butler St
  15. Wayside Ave, from Dickson St to Waggoman St
  16. Easement between Frazier Ave. & Townsend Dr, from Bolt St. to Flint St.
  17. Easement between Townsend Dr. & Railroad on East, from Bolt St. to Flint St.
  18. Easement between Carver Dr & Fernander Dr, from Hervie St to Prevost St 


This project spans City Council Districts 6, 9 and 11.  


May 2024 Project Status

The project is nearing the final or 90% design plan phase.

The March 20, 2024 community meeting recording is available. 

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Project news

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