Bluebonnet Hills Area Water and Sewer Improvements

  • Project typeWater and Wastewater Improvements
Water & Sanitary Sewer Imrpovements

Existing water and sanitary sewer mains will be replaced in the Bluebonnet Hills area that is bound by:

  • Benbrook Boulevard to the north
  • Granbury Road to the east
  • West Dickson Street and Dryden Road to the south, and
  • Parkridge Boulevard to the west.


Cast iron water mains will be removed - and replaced with new water mains - as part of this capital improvement project.


Water and Sewer Main Replacement

  • Jeanette Drive from Park Ridge Boulevard to West Butler Street (cast iron)
  • West Butler Street from Park Ridge Boulevard to Granbury Road (cast iron)


Water Main Replacement

  • Park Ridge Boulevard from South Hills Avenue to West Butler Street (cast iron)
  • South University Drive from Park Ridge Boulevard to West Butler Street (cast iron)
  • West Bewick Street from Mission Street to Granbury Road (cast iron)
  • Mission Street from West Biddison Street to West Bewick Street (cast iron)


Sewer Main Replacement

  • Easement between Jeanette Drive and South University Drive from 210 feet south of the Jeannette Drive/Park Ridge Boulevard intersection then to the east 110 feet, then southeast 415 feet, then west 70 feet, and then south 285 feet
  • Easement south of West Butler Street from the  South University  Drive/West Butler Street intersection, then southeast 385 feet
  • Easement east of South University Drive from 195 feet east and 60 feet south of the South University Drive/South Hills Avenue intersection  then to West Butler Street
  • Easement between South Hills Avenue and Granbury Road from 150 feet west and 135 feet south of the West Biddison Street/Granbury Road intersection, then southwest 1,540 feet
  • Easement between Mission Street and South Hills Avenue from 170 feet east and 190 feet south of the Mission Street/South University Drive intersection then east 105 feet then northeast 795 feet
  • Easement between West Bewick Street and West Biddison Street from 180 feet north and 155 feet east of the Mission Street/West Biddison intersection then east 305 feet
  • Easement between Park Ridge and Mission Street from 80 feet north and 90 feet east of the Bluebonnet Circle/West Biddison Street intersection, then northeast 925 feet then east 875 feet
  • Easement northeast of Bluebonnet Circle from 410 feet northeast of the Mission  Street/West Biddison Street intersection, then north 100 feet.


This City of Fort Worth Water capital improvement project is in Fort Worth Council District 9.


Landmarks include McLean 6th Grade Center, Applied Learning Academy, St Andrew Catholic School, St Andrew Catholic Church, and Bluebonnet Circle.

Construction may impact the Bluebonnet Hills neighborhood association.

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