Fort Worth Central City Water and Sewer Main Relocations

  • Project typeWater and Wastewater Improvements
  • Project value$45,471,683.99
Water & Sanitary Sewer Imrpovements

Existing water and sanitary sewer mains will be relocated to accommodate the proposed United States Army Corps of Engineers bypass channel segment. The relocations impact NE 11th Street, North Main Street and North Houston Street. Two easements will also be impacted.

The project area is bound by NE 11th Street to the north, North Calhoun Street to the east, the West Fork of the Trinity River to the south and North Houston Street to the west. Construction is slated for: 

  • NE 11th Street from the North Main Street/NE 11th Street intersection to the Fort Worth and Western Railroad right-of way (water and sewer);
  • North Main Street from the NE 11th Street/North Commerce Street intersection to 500 feet south (water and sewer);
  • North Houston Street from the Grand Avenue/North Houston Street intersection to 1,760 feet south (water and sewer);
  • Easement east of North Commerce Street from 155 feet east of the intersection of NE 11th Street and North Commerce Street to 92 feet southeast, then 72 feet east (sewer);
  • Easement west of the Fort Worth Western Railroad right-of-way from 500 feet south of the intersection of NE 11th Street and North Main Street to 210 feet southeast to North  Houston Street (sewer). 


This project is in Fort Worth Council District 2. Construction will impact the Inter-District 2 Alliance. The project also borders the North Side neighborhood association.


The City of Fort Worth currently has six projects connected to the Central City project. Fort Worth Water has two projects and Transportation and Public Works has four projects. To see the details about those projects, go to the Fort Worth Central City Water, Sewer and Storm Drain Projects page link below.


The future Fort Worth Central City Bypass Channel is a United States Army Corps of Engineering project for flood protection. For more details about the Fort Worth Central City Bypass Channel click on the Tarrant Regional Water District website link below.

Project Meeting

The in-person community construction meeting for the Fort Worth Central City Water and Sewer Main Relocation project is slated for Monday, June 5, 2023, at 6 p.m.

Tarrant Regional Water District is hosting the Fort Worth Water Department community capital improvement project meeting at their 800 E. Northside Drive location. 

Project News