NASJRB and Fort Worth Area Water and Sewer Improvements

  • Project typeWater and Wastewater Improvements
Water & Sanitary Sewer Imrpovements

Existing water mains - and one sewer main - will be replaced at the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base in Westworth Village, and in the cities of Fort Worth, River Oaks and White Settlement.


This project is bound by Fort Worth Council District 7 to the north and east, River Oaks to the east, Fort Worth Council District 3 to the south and, White Settlement to the south and west.


The project scope for this Fort Worth Water capital improvement project includes the following.


Sewer Main Replacement – Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base/Westworth Village

Easement across the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base from 600 feet northwest of the Westworth Falls Wall/River Trail Court intersection, then west 9,700 feet


Water Main Replacement – City of White Settlement and City of Fort Worth

North Grant Street from Clifford Street to White Settlement Road


Water Main Replacement – City of Fort Worth and Westworth Village

Easement south of Taxiway C190 from Primary Instrument Runway 130 Road, then 2,500 feet east to Perimeter Road


Water Main Replacement- City of Fort Worth

Easement south of Walnut Drive from Depot Avenue to 450 feet east then 240 feet northeast then 100 feet east to Nannette Street

Nannette Street from 115 feet south of the Costen Lane/Nannette Street intersection to St. Johns Lane

St. Johns Lane from Nannette Street to Sam Calloway Road

Sam Calloway Road from St Johns Lane to River Oaks Boulevard


Water Main Replacement -Westworth Village

Perimeter Road from the Boyington Drive/Perimeter Road intersection, then west 2,550 feet

Easement north of Nimitz Drive from Perimeter Road, then east 1,470 feet

Pumphrey Drive from White Settlement Road, then north 2,075 feet

Easement north of Nimitz Drive from the easement 280 feet north of the Pumphrey Drive/White Settlement Road intersection, then northeast 1,800 feet

White Settlement Road from Pumphrey Drive to Perimeter Road

Easement west of Perimeter Road from the White Settlement Road/Perimeter Road intersection to 400 feet southwest then 2,600 feet west


Water Main Replacement - City of Fort Worth and City of River Oaks

River Oaks Boulevard from Sam Calloway Road to Moss Street


Eastgate Neighbors neighborhood association and the River District neighborhood association will be impacted by the construction. 

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