Sarita Drive and Hildring Drive Area Water and Sewer Improvements

  • Project typeWater and Wastewater Improvements
Water & Sanitary Sewer Imrpovements

Existing water and sewer lines will be replaced in an area bound by Sarita Drive to the north, Westdale Drive to the south, Hildring Drive West to the east and South Hulen Street to the west.

Landmarks include Willow Creek Lake and Overton Park Plaza.


Cast iron water lines will be replaced in:

  • Sarita Drive
  • Sarita Court
  • Altura Road
  • Kirkland Drive
  • Inman Court


Water and Sewer Replacement

  • Sarita Drive from just north of Sarita Park to Westdale Drive
  • Sarita Court from Sarita Drive to the cul-de-sac
  • Altura Road from Sarita Drive to West Hildriing Drive
  • Kirkland Drive from Sarita Drive to 210 feet north of Inman Court
  • Inman Court from Sarita Drive to Westdale Drive


Sewer Replacement

  • West Hildring Drive from Altura Road to Westdale Drive
  • Easement west of West Hildring Drive from 265 feet west of the Altura Road/West Hildring Drive intersection to 370 feet south
  • Easement between Westdale Drive and Kirkland Drive from 265 feet southwest and 265 feet east of the Kirkland Drive/Inman Court intersection, then east 1,160 feet
  • Easement north of Clear Lake Circle from 105 feet east of South Hulen Street then east 370 feet east
  • Easement east of South Hulen Street from 210 feet east and 105 feet north of the Clear Lake Circle/South Hulen Street intersection then north 185 feet
  • Easement north of Clear Lake Circle from 210 feet east and 240 feet north of the Hulen Street/Clear Lake Circle intersection then east 132 feet


This project is in Fort Worth Council District 3. Construction will impact the Overton Park neighborhood association and the Foster Park neighborhood association. 

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