S Cravens Road HROM

  • Project typeDrainage Improvements
  • Project value$5,600,000
Drainage Improvements

South Cravens Road Hazardous Road Over topping Mitigation (HROM) or drainage improvements. The project will center on South Cravens Rd. between Oakdale Drive and Baylor Street.

Several upgrades included:

  • Storm drainage increases to prevent floods with a 1% chance of occurring
  • Raise and widen the road over the new culverts
  • New sidewalks and guardrails installed
  • Curbs added along the road


This project is in Council District 5.


Public Safety Notice

The South Cravens Road bridge is CLOSED, as it is unsafe and structurally unsound.  

For the safety of the public, the bridge located at 4201 S. Cravens Road, will remain closed until the new bridge is constructed.

July 2024 Project Status

Join the upcoming final design plan meeting

Thursday, August 8, 2024 at 6:30 p.m. online

Web Ex Meeting: 2554 577 9805

Web Ex Meeting Passcode: Cravens

WebEx Meeting Link

  • Preparation of 100% plans and specifications in progress. Acquisitions is in progress for easements that will be needed for construction. Scheduled for construction in fall 2024.


  • The South Cravens bridge is closed due to safety concerns, until new construction is complete. If you have concerns/questions, please email or call the project manager, Berton Guidry.
  • Final Plans to be submitted June 2024.
  • Scheduled for construction in spring 2024, pending needed easement acquisitions.

Project meetings

August 5, 2023 at 9:00 a.m.

Watch the August 5, 2023 Meeting


Project news

June 2023 Update 

  • The South Cravens bridge is closed until new construction is complete in 2024.  The bridge is closed due to safety concerns.  If you have concerns/questions, please email or call the project manager, Berton Guidry. 

Project Status

  • 60% Plans were submitted for Utility review
  • 75% Design PS&E were submitted June 23
  • 75% Flood Study in progress
  • 90% PS&E in progress, to be submitted July 21
  • Easement documents have been submitted for appraisals, which are due at the end of June
  • Scheduled to advertise for construction in September 2023



4120 S. Cravens Road, Fort Worth 76119  View Map

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