South Westside V Elevated Storage Tank and Water Transmission Main

  • Project typeWater and Wastewater Improvements
  • Project value$8,198,798.00
Water & Sanitary Sewer Imrpovements

The South Westside V elevated storage tank will be built - in conjunction with a water transmission main - to service growth in west Fort Worth and its extraterritorial jurisdiction. Continuous improvements to the water distribution system are required in order to provide and maintain reliable water service to existing and proposed developments within the Westside pressure planes.


The 1.5 million gallon elevated storage tank will provide additional storage capacity.  The proposed tank will be located just north of Aledo Road, south of Interstate 30/Interstate 20 in rural Parker County. 


The 36-inch in diameter water transmission main will be responsible for pumping/providing the water needed to the elevated storage tank. The water transmission main will connect to the future West Side 4 and West Side 5 booster station/3 million gallon ground storage tank to the east  - which will be located just west of Markum Ranch Road and south of Interstate 20. The main will stretch westerly and southerly to connect with the proposed South Westside V 1.5 elevated storage tank just north of Aledo Road. 


The elevated storage tank and the water transmission main are in Fort Worth Council District 3. 


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