Southside Infrastructure Improvements Part 1

  • Project typeWater and Wastewater Improvements
  • Project value$1,111,824
Water & Sanitary Sewer Imrpovements

Water, sewer, stormwater and paving improvements are underway in the southside area of Fort Worth. The project is bound by Irwin Street to the north, Willing Avenue to the east, West Butler Street to the south and Tremont Avenue to the west. The affected streets and alleys include:

  • Curzon Avenue from Clover Lane to Tremont Avenue (water/paving);
  • Gordon Avenue from Cleburne Road to West Biddison Street (water/paving);
  • Gordon Avenue from West Biddison Street to West Butler Street (water/paving);
  • Willing Avenue from West Cantey Street to West Devitt Street (water/paving);
  • Irwin Street from Forest Park Boulevard to Buck Avenue (water/paving);
  • West Magnolia Avenue from Jerome Street to Buck Avenue (water/paving);
  • Alley between Ryan Avenue and Willing Avenue from W. Lowden Street to 900 feet south (sewer);
  • Alley between Willing Avenue and 6th Avenue from W. Lowden Street to W. Berry Street (sewer);
  • Alley between Gordon Avenue and Livingston Avenue from W. Berry Street to W. Devitt Street (sewer);
  • Gordon Avenue from 130 feet north of the W. Shaw Street/Gordon Avenue intersection to east 40 feet then south 115 feet (stormwater);
  • W. Shaw Street from the Gordon Avenue/W. Shaw Street intersection to 95 feet east (stormwater).

This project is in Council District 9.

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