Village Creek Facility Biosolids Management and Beneficial Reuse

  • Project typeWater & Wastewater Improvements
  • Project value$60,960,461.00
Water & Sanitary Sewer Imrpovements

Fort Worth is changing the current method of repurposing treated biosolids at the Village Creek Water Reclamation Facility. The current process is to pump the biosolids to a city-owned processing facility where they are dewatered using belt filter presses, then chemically conditioned for pathogen and odor control. The treated biosolids are transported to agricultural sites in eight counties in north Texas where they are used as fertilizer.


The new approved method involves thermal direct drum drying of the biosolids. The goal is to produce a high quality dry, granular product at a reasonable cost that can be marketed in multiple ways. The new drum drier will be able to use biogas, a renewable energy source produced at the Village Creek Water Reclamation Facility, as a fuel source.


This capital improvement project is in Fort Worth Council District 5.


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Project news

  • Update/May 17, 2021: The key component in Fort Worth’s new biosolids processing facility arrived Thursday afternoon after a long journey.  It took about one year to design, procure, fabricate and manufacture the 150,000-pound drum dryer. The trip to Fort Worth started Feb. 15 in Graz, Austria. It traveled by truck to Linz, Austria, where it was loaded onto a barge for Antwerp, Belgium. There it was loaded on a ship bound for the Port of Houston. On Thursday, the drum dryer reached its final destination at the Fort Worth Biosolids Dewatering and Processing Facility in east Fort Worth. For more, go to biosolids-dryer-05172021.pdf(PDF, 214KB)



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