Residential Food Scrap Composting Pilot Program


Recognizing the city’s landfill is filling up with materials that do not belong there, the city is advancing initiatives intended to divert materials away from the landfill that can be either re-used, recycled, mulched or composted. Approximately 30 percent of all waste currently going to the landfill could be composted.

Through small changes in our daily routines, we can help preserve the landfill capacity for years to come and forestall millions of tax-dollar expenditures with new infrastructure.

Fort Worth residents now have the opportunity to turn even more waste into resources by collecting their food scraps, which can be processed into compost — a rich soil nutrient. When composted, food scraps are diverted from your garbage cart helping to preserve the life of the city’s landfill. 

Please note: ONLY residential food scraps are accepted in the Composting Pilot Program

Why does Fort Worth want to offer a residential food scrap compost program?

Recycling residential food scrap

  • To divert more materials that are not waste away from the landfill, which also helps maintain/reduce costs for the taxpayer.
  • To prevent excessive methane greenhouse gas emissions into our air from decomposing food scraps at the landfill.
  • By diverting food scraps and producing a valuable product, our local economy can also reap benefits.


Why should I participate?

dirt worms Because our community is willing and capable of being a green leader in Texas, plus this program will provide valuable data for all of North Texas and beyond. More and more people in Fort Worth want to do what’s environmentally right and help make our community greener. That means reducing waste, re-using items, recycling more, and composting! We all benefit from a more livable community. Be a part of this new program and pat yourself on the back for making a big "green" impact. As an added bonus, the annual fee will be donated to the ongoing programs of Keep Fort Worth Beautiful.

How do I sign up for the pilot program?

  • Click HERE to complete sign-up form and pay the $20 subscription fee.
  • All fees collected by the Residential Food Scrap Composting Pilot Program will be donated to the advancement of the Keep Fort Worth Beautiful Program.
  • After your subscription form and payment have been processed and you have been entered into our system, your Composting Starter Kit pickup will be assigned to a City of Fort Worth Drop-Off Station (numbers 6-9 on the list/map below) closest to your residence, and the pick-up instructions will be sent to you.
  • Starter Kit includes: kitchen countertop pail, assorted educational materials, and a refrigerator magnet reminding you of what can and cannot be composted. Note: Buckets may vary in color and shape.

Now you have your starter kit, what's next?

Compost Container

  • Every participant receives a small pail that resides on your kitchen counter to make it easy to start collecting food scraps.
    • The magnet and program FAQ offer you additional details on what’s accepted and what isn't.
  • Once the bucket is full, you can then drop off the food scraps at one of 14 collection sites across the city.
  • Repeat!




Food Scrap Collection Sites

  1. Fort Worth Botanic Garden
    3220 Botanic Garden Blvd., 76107
  2. Foster Park 
    4398 Trail Lake Dr., 76109
  3. Fairmount Park
    1501 5th Ave., 76104
  4. Hartwood Park Tennis Courts
    4300-4302 Hartwood Dr., 76109
  5. River Park
    3100 Bryant Irvin Rd., 76109
  6. Brennan Drop-Off Station
    2400 Brennan Ave., 76106
  7. Southeast Drop-off Station
    5150 Martin Luther King Frwy., 76119 
  1. Old Hemphill Drop-off Station 
    6260 Old Hemphill Rd., 76134
  2. Hillshire Drop-off Station
    301 Hillshire Dr., Haslet 76052
  3. Environmental Collection Center
    ECC,6400 Bridge St., 76112
  4. Northwest Library
    6228 Crystal Lake Dr., 76179
  5. City Hall
    200 Texas St., 76102 (Southwest corner @ Texas St. and Jennings Ave.)
  6. Chisholm Trail Park
    4680 McPherson Blvd., 76123
  7. Walsh Community Garden
    13749 Makers Way, 76008

City of Fort Worth curbside garbage and recycling services are provided by Waste Management and Knight Waste Services.

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