Expedited Plan Review (X Team)

X Team Meeting
When hiring the X Team you will get:
  • a meeting with the x team (within two weeks of accepted application),
  • the opportunity to make any necessary corrections on-the-spot,
  • to (potentially) have a permit issued in one sitting.
For an additional fee, the X Team offers an accelerated timeline for anyone seeking a commercial or residential building permit.

What is the X Team?

The X Team offers expedited plan review for building permits, by providing full plan review comments in 10 business days.

After the 10-day review, we will hold a meeting with your design team, where they can discuss, correct, and clear any necessary changes with the X Team plans examiners...all during the meeting. 

If the corrections required can be updated during the meeting, we can, potentially, issue your permit at the conclusion of the meeting.  

How do I get an Expedited Plan Review Meeting with the X Team?

First you would apply for a building permit through our online permitting system, Accela Citizens Access.

Once you begin filling out the online application, look for the 'MISC Information' and select the check box for the X Team. 

After your application is accepted, you will be contacted to schedule your X Team meeting.  The meeting will be held at the end of the 10 business day plan review.



When filling out an application for a remodel, or a change of use, PLEASE fill out the entire application packet, including:

All application forms can be found on our Applications & Forms page.

What can I expect at an Expedited Plan Review Meeting?

During an X Team meeting, our plans examiners will work with your design team to try and resolve all of the required corrections. 

Please make sure your design team comes prepared to make the required corrections, which includes updating the changes on the compiled plan set and re-upload it in Accela to clear any holds on the permit. 

If all of the holds can be cleared, then your design team would need to be prepared to pay any outstanding fees before (potentially) leaving with your permit.

Meetings can be held in-person or virtually, via WebEx. 

Who should attend an Expedited Plan Review Meeting?

All of your design team members should attempt to attend the X Team meeting. 

During this meeting, they can make all the necessary corrections to clear the first-round comments from our plans examiners, so laptops are essential.

What kind of projects does the X Team accept?

Currently, the X Team accepts all projects and all types of building permit applications.

How much does it cost to utilize the X Team's services?

There is a $200 application fee, per permit.

The plan review time is $1,000, per hour.

If a project has multiple permits, the permits will be reviewed together in one plan review meeting. 

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