Commercial and Residential Security System Alarm Permits

Residential and typical commercial alarm systems provide indirect alarm reporting to the Police Department, meaning that the notification goes through an alarm company prior to notifying the Police Department of activity indicative of criminal behavior. Property owners that install a monitored alarm system and wish to have a police response to an alarm activation must have an alarm permit issued by the Development Services Department.  

In an effort to establish a more efficient and user-friendly program, the city has entered into a contract with CentralSquare Technologies (CST) to manage alarm system permitting.

This transition to CST will not impact the Fort Worth Police Department’s response to calls for service, and is intended to help reduce the number of false alarms received, therefore enabling police resources to focus on emergency calls for service.

Alarm system users will now be able to register and/or renew alarm systems, pay fees, update account information, and view false alarm incidents online at

Questions regarding your alarm account should be referred to CST at (833) 281-8742 or


The Fort Worth Police Department's mission is to provide quality service in partnership with the community to create a safe environment for all. Fort Worth residents, call the Police Department's non-emergency number, 817-392-4222, when necessary.

Exclusive for alarm companies, call 817-927-4420 when calling in alarm activations to the Police Department.



All permit holders are allowed three false alarm calls, as well as two panic/robbery calls before service fees are assessed. When a customer exceeds three false alarms or two false, panic/robbery calls in a 12-month period, service fees are assessed according to the following schedule:

  • 4-5 false alarm calls in 12 months: $50 per call
  • 6-7 false alarm calls in 12 months: $75 per call
  • 8 or more false alarm calls in 12 months: $100 per call

 Residential Security System Permits are $50.00 annually

Commercial Security System Alarm Permits are $100.00 annually.

Reducing false alarm calls will improve overall public safety and service when there is a real emergency. Officers will be able to respond to emergency calls more rapidly. In addition to the financial effect, excessive false alarms may result in the revocation of your permit, which would end police response to unverified alarms at your address.

When a customer exceeds three false alarms or two false panic/robbery calls within a 12-month period, service fees are assessed according to the following schedule: 

False Alarm Fee Schedule
Time Period Alarm Count Fee Per Call
12 months 1-3 No Charge
12 months 4-6 50.00
12 months 6-7 75.00
12 months 8 + 100.00

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About Police Alarm Permits

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How do I eliminate false alarms?

The following are suggestions to help you avoid penalties for excessive false alarm calls.

  • Ensure the alarm system installed in your residence or business is properly maintained. This may include routine testing, battery replacement and maintenance, as needed.
  • Work closely with your contracted service provider and/or monitoring company whenever you experience malfunctions with your system.
  • Know your system. If you have questions or concerns about your system immediately contact your service provider and/or monitoring company.
  • Be responsible with your system. If you give someone keys to your residence or business, train them to operate your alarm.

Do I register my home camera?

The Police Department is asking residents and business owners across Fort Worth to register their privately-owned surveillance camera systems. Video surveillance is one of the best methods for apprehending criminals and convicting suspects who are caught in the act of committing a crime.

Residents would only be contacted if there is a criminal incident in the vicinity of their camera. Police personnel may ask to view your camera footage to assist with an investigation. Information provided to the Police Department regarding your camera system is for official use only. Personal information will remain confidential except as required by law.

Register Your Camera System