Grading Permit Process

A Grading Permit is required for land disturbing activity impacting one (1.0) acre or more, or land disturbing activity less than one (1.0) acre that is part of a Common Plan of Development that equals one (1.0) acre or more. Land disturbance is defined in the Grading Ordinance as

"Any construction or other activity caused by a person, which disturbs the surface of the land, including, but not limited to, clearing, grubbing, grading, excavations, embankments, development and/or the moving, depositing, stockpiling or storing of soil, rock or earth materials."

Land Disturbance of Less Than One Acre


Step 1.Requirements for Grading Permit Issuance

  • Drainage study at an acceptable level for early grading
  • Drainage study fully accepted for final grading
  • Approved Part One Urban Forestry Permit, including inspection of tree protection, if applicable
  • Approved Floodplain Development Permit (if applicable)
  • Review and acceptance of civil plans by Stormwater Development Services, Urban Forestry and Water Department
  • Review and acceptance of the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (SWPPP), by Environmental Quality

Step 2.Final Grading Certificate

  • Final Grading Certificate(PDF, 32KB) must be completed, signed, sealed and submitted upon completion of grading activities. Receipt of Final Grading Certificate will serve as a notification for scheduling of applicable post-grading inspections.

Step 3.Notice of Termination (NOT) of TPDES Permit

  • A copy of the executed Notice of Termination (NOT) must be submitted once final stabilization has been achieved and all controls removed.

Step 4.Fees

  • Application fee: $50
  • Technology fee: $15
  • Permit fee: $450 + $10 per acre

Step 5.Submit Stormwater Drainage Study (SWDS)

  • If a study DOES exist, and your project plans are conforming to it, NO updated study is required. 
  • If a study does NOT exist, please contact Stormwater Development Services ( to receive instructions on how to submit one. Prior submittal of the SWDS is recommended, due to the length of time required for review.   

Step 6.Complete and Submit application

Grading Permit Types

  • Early Grading Permit (optional)
    • Allows clearing, grubbing and grading only – no infrastructure or building construction allowed.
    • Final grading permit will be required prior to infrastructure or building construction.
  • Final Grading Permit
    • Allows installation of infrastructure and, with approved building permits, construction of buildings.
    • A final grading permit may be applied for and issued even if an early grading permit has not been issued.