Erect a Tent or Canopy

Planning a party or gathering you will need a permit for erecting a tent or canopy.


  • Fire Marshall Approval
    • Generally, one 2A-10BC for each 3,000 square feet with a maximum travel distance of 75 feet. Extinguishers shall be maintained and serviced annually (as denoted by a currently dated tag attached to the extinguisher.) 
    • Flammable and combustible liquids shall be stored outside in an approved manner not less than 50 feet (15240 mm) from tents, canopies or membrane structures. Storage shall be in accordance with Chapter 34. 
    • Fuel tank openings shall be locked and sealed to prevent the escape of vapors. 
    • The location of vehicles or equipment shall not obstruct means of egress. 
    • Refueling shall be performed outside of the structure in accordance with Section 2404.17.3. 
    • Combustible vegetation shall be removed from the area occupied by a tent, canopy or membrane structure, and from areas within 30 feet (9144 mm) of such structures. 
    • The floor surface inside tents, canopies or membrane structures and the grounds outside and within a 30 foot (9144 mm) perimeter shall be kept clear of combustible waste. Such waste shall be stored in approved containers until removed from the premises.   
  • Shall not be located 20 feet (6096 mm)
    • of lot lines, buildings, other tents, canopies or membrane structures, parked vehicles or internal combustion engines.
    • Open flame or other devices emitting flame, fire or heat or any flammable or combustible liquids, gas, charcoal or other cooking device or any other unapproved devices 
      • Tents where cooking is performed shall be separated from other tents, canopies or membrane structures by a minimum of 20 feet (6096 mm).  
  • There shall be a minimum clearance of at least 3 feet (914 mm) between the fabric envelope and all contents located inside the tent or membrane struct