Illegal Dumping


"Illegal dumping" is putting trash, garbage, waste, anything discarded where it doesn't belong, whether or not the person dumping owns the property. Putting trash in a dumpster that is not yours is also illegal.

Construction Debris

Contractors may dispose of materials legally for a fee at:

Southeast Landfill
6288 Salt Road
Fort Worth, Texas 76060

Items not accepted at the landfill include tires, barrels, auto parts, liquid waste, used oil and oil filters, as well as hazardous waste, such as batteries or explosives, refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers that contain Freon or other coolants.

Dumpster Dumping

It is illegal to use commercial dumpsters without the permission of the dumpster owner. Business owners can download a sign in English(PDF, 1MB) or a sign in Spanish(PDF, 73KB) to help inform the public that the law prohibits unauthorized dumpster dumping.

Household Hazardous Waste

Free drop-off of household hazardous waste is available to Fort Worth residents who show proof of residency with a recent water bill or driver’s license or other official ID with a Fort Worth address.

Household Trash

Drop-off stations are open to Fort Worth homeowners and some renters for disposal of trash, brush and recyclables. To use a drop-off station, show a recent Fort Worth water bill or current driver’s license with a Fort Worth address to prove you have an active sanitation account. Renters with a Fort Worth address may use drop-off stations if they have a current Fort Worth water bill. Apartment renters may use the stations for recyclables only.