Police Officer Physical Ability Test


The physical ability assessment required by the Fort Worth Police Department is designed to measure the police applicant's ability to perform the essential functions of the beginning position of police officer. Both the components of the assessment and the required passing time are based on a detailed analysis of the essential job functions of a Police Officer with the City of Fort Worth, and of the physical abilities necessary to safely perform those functions as determined by a study conducted by Health Metrics, Inc.

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About the assessment

The assessment is a continuously-timed event, and comprised of the following six components:

The applicant begins from a kneeling, weapon ready position, wearing approximately 14-17 lbs of gear intended to replicate the standard issue gear of a police officer.

Event Description
Sprint and Barrier Surmount Rise without the assistance of hands/arms, run approximately 60 ft, and scale a 6 ft chain link fence
Stair Climb Run approximately 40 ft. and climb the equivalent of a four story building.
Physical Restraint Task/Power Training Machine (PTM) Run 18 ft. to the PTM.  The PTM replicates the dynamic force, strength, and endurance necessary to restrain a 180 lb individual.  Grasping a rope attached to the handle of the machine, apply enough pulling force to lift the weights, and then rotate the machine through four consecutive 180 degree rotations, keeping the weights at all times at the required height.  Repeat this task through another four consecutive rotations, this time by pushing the handle to lift the weights, rather than pulling.
Pursuit Run Run approximately 300 ft in a rectangular pattern.
Victim Rescue Run approximately 19 ft to a 175 lb mannequin.  Taking hold of the strap, drag the mannequin 30 ft.
Trigger Pull Run approximately 22 ft. to a stand holding an unloaded hand gun.  Holding the weapon at arms length and keeping the barrel inside a medium-sized ring, pull the trigger 12 times with the dominant hand, and then 11 times with the non-dominant hand.

The assessment is conducted on a pass/fail basis only.

Police Trainee applicants are required to complete a Physical Assessment Test (PAT), with the maximum allowable time for the PAT being two minutes and thirty-four seconds. The PAT is conducted on a pass/fail basis.