Information Technology Solutions (ITS)

What IT Solutions does

IT Solutions provides customer-focused, cost-effective IT services and offers innovative solutions to City departments to efficiently accomplish their goals and provide quality services to residents.

IT professionals support residents and the City daily

  • Providing the radio systems for public safety, emergency and critical communications(PDF, 199KB) needs to ensure rapid response to residents and public safety personnel needs. The system supports the City of Fort Worth and 14 surrounding jurisdictions including Tarrant County. Services range from installing and maintaining radio and microwave equipment to repairing mobile communication units in police and fire vehicles.
  • Managing phone systems, including the city’s 911 call center, the Emergency Operations Center and non-emergency service between City of Fort Worth departments and residents. This involves managing more than 6,000 phones in 200-plus office and field sites.
  • Making sure the City’s data network and more than 150 servers in the City’s data center operate 24/7/365 to provide uninterrupted access for residents to services such as the City’s website.
  • Maintaining more than 4,000 desktop and laptop computers used by personnel at City Hall and other locations, including Fire and Police facilities, as well as in mobile environments such as police cruisers, water and street trucks and Code Compliance vehicles.
  • Administering an email system that receives almost 5 million messages a year, while successfully protecting the enterprise from harmful junk mail.
  • Protecting the City’s information system to ensure residents’ information is secure and systems are available. This involves repelling an average of over 2,000 virus attacks daily and an average of 83,000 hacking attempts monthly.
  • Responding to over 40,000 technology Help Desk calls from City employees annually.
  • Developing and supporting hundreds of applications that automate and effectively enable the City’s business processes to be more timely and efficient, such as responding to emergency calls or residents’ requests for services.
  • Managing numerous technology contracts and vendor relations via well-negotiated terms and conditions and continuous monitoring of performance.
  • Providing procurement services and asset management for wireless communication tools and computing equipment.
  • Providing City departments internal business analysis and planning to continuously improve business processes and challenges via technology solutions.


In addition to the daily ongoing support provided by IT Solutions, the department also sustains a significant project program to deliver and develop applications and systems that improve services and productivity. Projects in the program include:

  • Electronic Citations
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • IT Asset Management
  • Mainframe Applications Migration to Open Systems
  • Radio System Replacement and Upgrades
  • Radio Tower New Sites & Replacements

Awards and Recognitions


Best of Texas

Best of Texas Award Winner

  • 2018 Demonstrated Excellence in Project Management
  • 2013 Outstanding IT Service and Support
  • 2012 Demonstrated Excellence in Project Management
  • 2012 Outstanding IT Service and Support
  • 2011 Project Excellence Award
  • 2011 Outstanding IT Service and Support
  • 2007 Excellence in Project Delivery for CMS Project

Public Technology Institute (PTI) Awards

  • 2014 Disaster Recovery IT Infrastructure Enhancement
  • 2014 Public Safety Interoperability Radio Communications
  • 2013 PD Integrated & Search Mining Portal
  • 2012 PTI Fellows Award: Peter Anderson, CIO, City of Fort Worth, Texas.  Major Technology Leader in Commitment to Local Government Service
  • 2012 Public CFW Project Website 


PTI Awards Honorable Mentions

  • 2014 City Services Mapping Applications
  • 2014 Downloadable GIS Data
  • 2014 Responsive Mobile Template
  • 2014 Going Green: Fort Worth's Mobile Solution Saves Paper and Money
  • 2014 Equipment Services Division Parts Ordering Application
  • 2012 My Property Tax Dollars
  • 2012 Fort Worth Police Department's Executive DashPro Management System


PTI Awards Significant Achievements

  • 2014 Network and Mobility
  • 2014 Courts Citation Request
  • 2013 Enterprise GIS Basemap Data Auditing
  • 2013 Housing and Economic Development Incentives Mapping Application
  • 2013 Using GIS to Improve Stormwater Billing and Processing
  • 2013 Fort Worth Accessible Hazard Alert System
  • 2013 NIMS Training Compliance
  • 2012 eCouncil Speaker Card System


North Central Texas Council of Governments Logo 

North Central Texas Council of Governments Emergency Preparedness Awards:

  • 2013 “Hot Stuff Award” for Service Excellence in Emergency Response
  • 2011 Tarrant County/Fort Worth Joint Emergency Operations Center
  • The Fort Worth Special Needs Assistance Program


Digital Cities

Digital Cities Awards

  • 2012 Fort Worth ninth place nationwide
  • 2011 Fort Worth 10th place nationwide
  • 2010 Fort Worth 10th place nationwide

Department Leadership

Kevin Gunn Director of Information Technology Solutions

Kevin Gunn

Director of IT Solutions

Kevin is responsible for the computing systems and voice and data communications for all City departments. This responsibility covers the full breadth of technologies including financial, human resources, department operations systems, network and radio communications systems. Kevin joined the City of Fort Worth in December 2014. He has a distinguished career in government service including active duty U.S. Navy, federal government service and local government experience in the cities of Killeen and Denton in addition to Fort Worth.


IT Solutions Staff