March cultural activities focus four countries’ annual observances

Published on February 10, 2023

holi example

As part of exploring a world of possibilities, the Fort Worth Public Library offers activities that highlight different cultures during the time of year they are celebrated.

In March, Library programs are inspired by observances in Romania, India, Puerto Rico and Ireland.

The programs are not merely things to do – they are opportunities that contribute to lifelong learning. Spring is the perfect time to explore something new, and a good starting point is the Library’s Fun Finder search tool[DT1] . Read books on related topics – suggestions are below – to learn more and also accumulate minutes toward Spring Reading Challenge goals.

Hoping for health and wealth

Martisor is a traditional celebration in Romania on March 1. Each year, people – most often women and children - wear red-and-white braided ribbons believed to bring prosperity and health for the following year. The Library’s program will instruct how to make similar ribbons to take home and enjoy. Needed supplies will be provided for this adult program.

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Romania” by Terrie Willis describes many aspects of the country, including its culture.

Send in the clowns

The folkloric character appears in many Puerto Rican festival celebrations, especially during Carnival time. Vejigantes wear brightly colored, ornate masks and costumes that have bat-like wings. The name comes from the words vejiga (bladder) and gigante (giant) because painted cow bladders are often part of traditional costumes. At the Library, Javito the Clown will guide participants on a magical, colorful adventure to learn about the vejigantes to the beat of congas and bongos during this family activity.

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“Sofi and the Magic, Musical Mural” by Raquel M. Ortiz.

A craft of many colors

Holi, also known as the “Festival of Colors,” is one of India’s most vibrant celebrations. The ancient Hindu tradition usually finds family and friends throwing colored powders all over each other and surprising passersby with a deluge of water. Holi-inspired painting will use the bright colors to create vibrant artwork, and like the festival that inspired it, this activity is designed for families to enjoy together. Eight Library locations will have the painting sessions.

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“Holi” by Shalini Vallepur.

It’s easy being green

A holiday that is perhaps more familiar to many Americans, the Library will observe Ireland’s St. Patrick’s Day with an art activity to create shamrock crystals (for children in grades K-5) and a challenging game of trivia (for all ages). St. Patrick’s Day is observed in mid-March to honor St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland who lived in the 4th century.

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Books about St. Patrick’s Day.