Failure to Pay a Fine

  • If a parking citation has not been contested or paid within 21 calendar days from the date of the citation, a $25 delinquent fee will be added.
  • A $50 delinquent fee will be added if the offense is Parked in a Fire Lane/Zone, Parked in Disabled Space/Zone or Oversized Commercial Vehicle on a Public Street.
  • An additional 30% collection fee will be added if the citation has not been paid in full within 60 calendar days.


Booting a Vehicle

Any offender’s vehicle, with three or more delinquent unpaid parking citations, may become eligible to be booted or impounded. When a vehicle has been booted or impounded, it will not be released until all fines and fees have been paid or a cash bond has been posted to ensure the appearance of the registered vehicle owner at a boot hearing.

Unpaid parking fines will be turned over to a collection agency.