Utility Bill Payment Assistance

The City of Fort Worth's Community Action Partners (CAP) serves as the Community Action Agency for Tarrant County and provides comprehensive services to economically disadvantaged individuals, families and older adults.

CAP offers utility (electric, gas or propane) assistance to families with low or fixed household incomes who reside in Tarrant County. Assistance is provided to residents in order to avoid disruptions. CAP works with families and individuals to overcome barriers to achieve self-sufficiency.


Application Process 

The city will assess applications and solely determine eligibility and/or the amount of financial help available to each household based upon current total household income in the last 30 days. The city will pay assistance directly to the landlord, property management company, financial institution, mortgage company and/or utility provider.

Application must be complete and include all required documents to be processed.




  • Must live in Tarrant County.
  • Must be the account holder or authorized user on utility account if requesting utility assistance. Utility assistance covers electricity, water and gas/ propane only.
  • Must be the primary lease or mortgage holder if requesting rental or mortgage assistance.
  • May only apply for rent, mortgage or utility assistance related to one primary property.

If applicable, provide documentation to prove hardship related to COVID-19 that renders the household unable to pay rent, mortgage, utilities and/or related household expenses such as medicine and food. See Checklist.

You are NOT eligible for rental assistance if you currently receive a form of rental assistance such as Housing Choice Voucher, VASH, CoC, Directions Home, etc.

City of Fort Worth may make referrals to social and financial service agencies offering relevant services and resources.


Checklist of Required Documents 

Step 1.Identification

  • Government Issued Picture ID for household members 16 and over; AND
  • Proof of US Citizenship for all household members (Birth Certificate, Passport, etc.); AND
  • Social Security cards for all household members (if applicable)

Step 2.Proof of Income or Hardship for All 18 and Over

  • Check stubs (past 30 days) OR
  • 2021 Award letter(s) for SNAP, Social Security, SSDI, VA, TANF, SSI, etc. ; OR
  • Pension Statements; OR
  • Receipt Book if paid in cash; OR
  • Child Support Statement; OR
  • Unemployment Income Statement; OR
  • Furlough letter; OR
  • Letter from employer showing reduction in hours/wages due to COVID-19; OR
  • Proof of inability to work due to COVID-19 AND Current medication prescription; OR
  • Declaration of Income Statement for household members 18 and older with no income or unable to obtain documentation (form included)

Step 3.Documentation of Assistance Requested

  • Current utility bills (front and back) and any disconnection notices for: Electric, Gas, Water. Account must be active (not disconnected); OR
  • Copy of lease agreement signed by all parties; OR
  • Mortgage statement; OR
  • Notice of delinquency from landlord or mortgage company AND Landlord acceptance of terms of assistance

Step 4.Other Documentation

  • Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) Form (included). This form must be signed by everyone applying for assistance, whether US born or not US born.



Apply for Assistance

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