Rising Stars Youth Leadership Academy

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Rising Stars Youth Leadership Academy is a leadership-based, academic enriched program. It emphasizes the development of hands-on leadership training, career development, life skills and problem-solving skills for youth 13 – 17 years of age. Rising Stars helps students prepare for careers in various fields; civic/community engagement, leadership, and more.

Rising Stars is a year-round program in which students can re-apply each year. A certificate of leadership and community service recognition will be awarded to each student upon completion.

Youth participants are engaged in interactive sessions and learn firsthand about community issues, educated on opportunities to expand their knowledge of career opportunities, plus interact with emerging & established leaders in Tarrant County. They will develop the ability to analyze their own strengths & weaknesses, set personal and vocational goals, develop self-esteem confidence, motivation and the ability to achieve success and the resilience to overcome challenges.


Youth Leaders will:

  • Participate in activities to enhance their opportunities at college campuses.
  • Attend field trips to compliment classes they attend.
  • Connect with employers, businesses & government [officials]
  • Be empowered with professional and personal etiquette, public speaking, networking and technology skills.
  • Prepare for to discover education and career options.   


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