Far Northside Park

Far Northside Playground



  • 1976



  • 3.2  acres


Additional amenities

  • Basketball Court
  • Benches
  • Bike Rack
  • Grill
  • Park Lighting
  • Parking Lot
  • Playground
  • Shelter
  • Stand Alone Swing
  • Table
  • Tennis Court


Fun facts and History

Located in the historic Rosen Heights area of North Fort Worth, land for this 3.22-acre park was acquired in 1976 in order to provide park and recreational services to a previously underserved area. In approximately 1980, the North Tri-Ethnic Community Center, designed by Lawrence White Architects, opened in the park. It was renovated in 2000-2001. Today, the community center offers recreational and fitness programs to people of all ages, after-school programs, and a venue for a variety of events. It also functions as a Community Action Partners site, providing assistance to low income and economically disadvantaged individuals.


 View animal, plant and insect species observed at Far Northside Park and make some of your own observations through iNaturalist. See link under the "Related information" Section. 

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