Veteran's Memorial Park

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  • 1923



  • 0.51  acres


Additional amenities

  • Bench
  • Park lighting
  • Trash receptacle


Fun facts

This half-acre park is located on a triangular tract formed where Washington, Crestline Road, and Thomas Place intersect with Camp Bowie Boulevard in what was originally the Hillcrest Addition in Arlington Heights. Originally known as Camp Bowie Park or Camp Bowie Plaza, the park was maintained by the City Federation of Women’s Clubs before the area was annexed into Fort Worth in 1922. The park took on its military association on October 29, 1950 when a red granite monument was dedicated to the World War I service of the 36th Division. The division had received its training at the original Camp Bowie located in Arlington Heights. This marker is located at the west end of the park. In 1987, a memorial to World War II veterans of the 36th Division was added to the east end of the park near Washington Street. It is a bronze sculpture titled “Duty.” It depicts two soldiers—one of whom is supporting a wounded comrade. It was designed by Barvo Walker. Nearby are a flagpole and missile shells. In 1992, the Cowtown Chapter of the 36th Division Association sponsored the repair and restoration of the World War I memorial.


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