Water Gardens



The Water Gardens, located in iconic Downtown Fort Worth, were a gift from the Amon G. Carter Foundation to the City of Fort Worth. The main entrance is in the park’s northwest corner, featuring cascading waters that flow into a serene pool. Nearby, the Wet Wall and Quiet Pool offer peaceful spots for reflection. The Aerated Pool has forty nozzles that spray water to ground level, while the Active Pool has rushing waters that descend into a basin 38 feet below, accessible by table-topped stairs. At the center of the park is the Central Square, surrounded by Bradford pear trees. To the south is a tiered concrete structure called the "Mountain," which rises 20 feet above the square and leads to the Stage and Lawn, the park's only grassy area. At night, special lighting creates enchanting views throughout the park.




Park Information


  • 1974



  • 5.4 acres


Additional amenities

  • Drinking fountain
  • Electrical box
  • Park lighting
  • Trash receptacle
  • Water feature



While there is no physical evidence left of the legacy and history of what was on the land prior to the Water Gardens completion in 1974, the land itself is of historic significance. Known as Hell’s Half Acre in the 1870’s – 1900 the area was a rest area for tired cowboys driving cattle from Texas to Kansas. The district offered saloons, gambling, brothels and hotels and saw visitors such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Sam Bass, Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp. Hells Half Acre was considered one of the most dangerous areas in Fort Worth due to criminal violence, illegal dealings and gunfights, but that all changed at the start of the 20th century as city leaders and law enforcement began cracking down on crime. By 1900 the district was all but closed.

Fun Facts

  • Since the opening of the Water Gardens there have been major motion movie scenes shot on site as well as several viral music videos.
  • The Water Gardens circulates about 19,000 gallons of water per minute throughout the park with the Active pool using about 10,500 gallons alone!



The park encourages quiet meditation. The water features are beautiful and attract closer inspection, but please take the same precautions that you would at a lake or stream. Swimming and wading are NOT allowed at the Water Gardens.


View animal, plant and insect species observed at Fort Worth Water Gardens and make some of your own observations through iNaturalist. See link under the "Related information" Section.

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