RecFW: The Fort Worth Park & Recreation App


What is on it?

  • Streamlined community center check-ins, simply scan in! New membership registration must be done at centers still.
  • Schedules for the whole family.
  • Register for new classes at our community centers and the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge.
  • Availability of community centers, libraries, parks, or athletic fields for reservation. 
  • Earn badges for different activities!
  • Get photos and notifications about your classes.

How does it work?

  • Login is the same for website.
  • If you have a membership, you can request a new password.
  • If you are new, then make a new account.

Who is it for?

  • Everyone who wants to keep up with the community centers and nature center classes.
  • Anybody looking for availability to reserve a community center, library, park, or athletic field.
  • Anyone interested in Fort Worth Park & Recreation!