Forest Park Pool - CLOSED

Improvements are on the way for Forest Park Pool.


2023 Season Dates



Why are swimsuits required in the pool?


Most clothing is made out of fabric that expands when in water. This becomes a hazard for the swimmer because of extra weight and the possibility of becoming entangled in the clothing.



Lint from clothing comes out during swimming and clogs up pool strainers and impacts flow of the water through the filter. The less water going through the strainers, the less clean water going back to the pool.



Particles from all different kinds of sources including dirt and other contaminants get caught in loosely woven fabrics like cotton and mesh, which contaminates the water once the fabric becomes wet.


Water Chemistry

Laundry detergent and fabric softener remain in loosely woven fibers like cotton and mesh. These chemicals deplete chlorine (the primary means of keeping pool water clean) and change acid levels in the pool. When water chemistry is affected, the water is less clean.



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