Lake Worth Lease Management

Lake Worth

The Lake Worth Lease Management Section is responsible for managing all residential and commercial leased properties at Lake Worth.

 Lake Worth is the only water supply owned by the City of Fort Worth. Although, Fort Worth owns the land, Tarrant Regional Water District has the water rights.

Lake Worth was the second municipal water supply built in Texas, constructed shortly after Dallas’ White Rock Lake. The man-made lake was constructed for $1.6 million and was first filled on August 19, 1914. It is situated six miles northwest of Fort Worth on the West Fork of the Trinity, covering 8.48 square miles.

View the Lake Worth Vision Plan(PDF, 11MB)

Contact Number : 817-392-8053

Lake Worth Dredging Update

To access updated information on the Lake Worth Dredging Project please click here. Once in the system search for the project’s name: 2011-09-29 Bid Date Project 01126 -Lake Worth Dredging Project.

Lake Worth Boat Permit

The City of Fort Worth has implemented a new online system that simplifies the process of purchasing boat ramp passes. To enhance the experience for boaters on Lake Worth, the City has introduced a user-friendly QR code system, eliminating the need for in-person purchasing and providing a seamless digital solution.

Navajo Burgers will no longer carry stickers for purchase.

QR code signs have been installed at the Casino Beach and Arrow Park boat ramp locations. Boaters can now effortlessly purchase boat ramp passes by scanning the QR code with their smartphone camera. The code will direct them to a secure platform where they can enter their information and select the desired time period for their pass, whether it be for one day, one week or one year.

If boaters wish to purchase parking prior to arriving at the ramp, they may use the following links to purchase their pass:

Purchase a day or weekly parking pass. The zone code is 25933.

Purchase an annual parking pass.

For individuals seeking the annual permit at a resident rate, contact Nita Shinsky at 817-392-8053 for verification and a code.