Pre-Qualification Requirements for Contractors

  1. Financial statement prepared within the past 12 months signed by a CPA. The water utility requires that the full original financial statement be mailed to the city.
  2. Provide city project name, city project number, project manager, bid open date, and scope of work for projects (including the proposal sections for water/sewer), currently planned for submitting bids in the cover letter to the city.
  3. References of related work (at least 5)

a. Project Name and Locations

b. Type of project – Rehab/replacement of existing water/sewer (includes projects requiring traffic control, pavement repair in areas with existing utilities), developer project (water/sewer extensions only), new subdivision project, facility project (treatment plant, pump station, lift station, storage tank, meter station, SCADA, etc.)

c. Was the contractor a prime contractor or worked as a subcontractor; note firm’s role and scope of work performed

d. Contractor’s contact person and contact number

e. Name of city where work was performed along with city inspector’s name and telephone number.

f. Amount of construction contract – water and sanitary sewer, with separate totals for each

g. Size of pipe installed, pipe material installed, linear footage (for water, sanitary sewer, or reclaimed water pipeline projects), or areas of expertise (for facility projects), size/scope of work for facility projects (plants, pump stations, lift stations, etc.)

h. Date of project – start date for construction and completion date

i. Current projects under construction

     4.  Equipment Schedule – equipment related to the bid job owned by the company.

     5.  Construction Experience

a. Number of years the company has been in business as a general contractor under present business name.

b. Has the company operated under any other name?  If yes, what name, where, etc.

c. How many years water/sewer construction experience as a general contractor and as a sub-contractor.

d. Provide water/sewer construction experience of the principals of the company, including name, present position, years experience, type of experience (water/sewer), licenses, certifications, etc.  Also, experience of the personnel (foremen, crews, etc.) that would be assigned to construct this project.

Send information packet to:

Mr. John Kasavich, P.E.
City of Fort Worth
Water Utility - Capital Delivery Division
200 Texas St.
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Email: and


Pre-Qualification List

The city maintains a listing of pre-qualified contractors approved to work in the City of Fort Worth, with bid limits and restrictions.

Approved contractors list(PDF, 112KB)

Department Head