Bill Assistance Program

Federal assistance is ending soon for low-income customers who are in jeopardy of having their water turned off or need help in paying their water and wastewater bills. The available funds must be expended by the end of this year, and applications for assistance must be submitted and approved by the end of November. Eligibility requirements apply. 

The temporary Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program was authorized through the COVID relief bill passed in 2021. The funds can only be used to pay the water and wastewater portions of the utility bill.  Charges for other services, such as trash collection, stormwater fees and environmental fees do not qualify.  

There are two organizations who can assist customers:

Texas Utility Help

Visit now and click "Apply Now" to get started on your application. For questions, call 1-855-566-2057 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Community Action Partners

Visit the Community Action Partners website ( to complete an application online or call 817-392-5795.

Apply now! Funds must be used by deadlines that are quickly approaching.

At this time,  Congress has not approved funding to make this an ongoing program, like the Low Income Household Energy Assistance Program. 


Life Support Dependent on Water 

The City of Fort Worth Water Utility attempts to maintain a record of customers who have medical equipment that requires the use of water. The purpose of this process is to restore water service to such customers as soon as the situation reasonably permits.

** A life Support Dependent Customer is defined as a person who has been prescribed by a physician licensed by the State of Texas as a Medical Doctor or a Doctor of Osteopathy, a water device and /or equipment designated specifically to sustain that person’s life.

Persons having a need to be designated as Life Support Dependent Customers should:

  • download the form,(PDF, 107KB)
  • complete the customer portion,
  • have their doctor complete the physician’s portion, and
  • mail it to Fort Worth Water, PO Box 870, Fort Worth, TX 76101.

This form will expire one year from the date of physician’s signature.