Biosolids Program

The City of Fort Worth’s Biosolids Program is committed to promoting the beneficial and sustainable use of biosolids while using cost-effective and environmentally-acceptable management practices. To support this policy, the city and its contractor are committed to:

  • Following the Code of Good Practice developed by the National Biosolids Partnership
  • Optimizing biosolids management practices to help maximize resource recovery, with the goal of reusing/recycling 100 percent of all biosolids
  • Complying with local, state and federal requirements regarding biosolids production, management, testing, storage, transportation and end use or disposal
  • Fully implementing the Environmental Management System to continually improve overall environmental performance
  • Using goals and objectives, and preventative actions to drive continuous program improvement
  • Building and maintaining positive relationships with the public and interested parties
  • Researching and implementing new technologies that optimize potential future application or end use


More information about Fort Worth’s biosolid program