May 7, 2022 Bond & Charter Election

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On Saturday, May 7, you have the chance to vote on two initiatives that address issues facing Fort Worth.


2022 Bond Election

The $560 million bond package includes propositions funding capital projects in Fort Worth neighborhoods and business districts. The size of the bond package was designed to work within the existing property tax rate. If approved, it’s expected the bonds will be fully repaid without increasing your property tax rate.

The bond program is broken down into five propositions. Voters can vote for or against each proposition on the ballot.


2022 Bond Election wheel department graphic icon

Proposition A     $369,218,300 for streets and mobility-related projects.

Proposition B     $123,955,500 for park and recreation projects, including a new aquatics center in the Stop Six neighborhood and a rebuilt Forest Park Pool.

Proposition C     $12,505,200 for a new library in far northwest Fort Worth.

Proposition D     $39,321,000 for police and fire public safety facilities. Included is a proposed headquarters for the Northwest Patrol Division.

Proposition E     $15,000,000 for the city’s Open Space program, which focuses on acquiring natural areas.

To learn more, visit our 2022 Bond Election page.


Charter Election

Thirteen proposed amendments to the City Charter will be on the May 7 ballot. Voters may vote for or against each of the propositions individually.

Among the propositions is increasing the mayor and councilmembers’ annual pay, as well as other propositions designed to delete outdated language and to reflect the current organization of Fort Worth’s municipal government.

To learn more, visit our 2022 Charter Election page.


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Polling Locations for May 7 Election