Fort Worth expands street sweeping starting Nov. 1

Published on October 12, 2022

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The City of Fort Worth is partnering with the largest power sweeping company in the United States, Sweeping Corp. of America, to augment the City’s litter control programs.

A primary goal for Fort Worth is to promote a clean and safe city. The Code Compliance Department will address litter in the community by increasing litter abatement services, including street sweeping.

In 2017, Fort Worth piloted street sweeping efforts with two sweepers. The program sweeps approximately 7,000 lane miles annually, collecting 168 tons of litter, dirt and debris.

The expanded street sweeping program begins Nov. 1 and is expected to significantly expand service capacity.

Litter control promotes quality of life

Public surveys before and after the COVID-19 pandemic showed that Fort Worth residents desired more action to address litter for a cleaner city.

The City’s new budget includes funding to expand litter and illegal dumping services through the Environmental Protection Fund. This week, the City Council approved a contract with SCA in support of the city’s litter control campaign Litter: Stop it! Report it! Pick It Up! which launched earlier this month.

“Street sweeping helps to keep litter, dirt and debris off of our streets and out of our waterways, which also helps to prevent clogging of storm drains that can create localized flooding issues,” said Brandon Bennett, Fort Worth Code Compliance director. “However, it’s much more than this – it promotes a safer city, creates a more beautiful Fort Worth, adds to community quality of life and advocates this message to others. Our community is working hard to create a cleaner, safer city, and we are excited to work with strategic partners like SCA as the latest addition to reach this goal,”

Ultimately, the City is working to expand from two street sweepers to a fleet of 12. Supply chain delays and equipment shortages following the COVID-19 pandemic are impacting availability of additional sweepers. Delivery may take 12-18 months longer than initially planned.

In anticipation of these delays, the Code Compliance Department sought contracted services to allow street sweeping to begin right away while staff continues to evaluate long-term equipment purchase options.

SCA crews will work in collaboration with the City and will focus on major arterial roadways and business corridors each month. City staff will also review service requests for neighborhood streets, where possible. Residents can submit a request via the MyFW mobile app or call the City Call Center at 817-392-1234.

Fort Worth’s street sweeping program cannot address litter along highways, so all litter maintenance on state and federal highways should be directed to the Texas Department of Transportation and can also be requested using the MyFW app.

Help make street sweeping more efficient

Businesses and residents located along street sweeper routes can prepare for street sweeping days by:

  • Sweeping sidewalks and gathering debris before street-sweeping days. Don’t sweep trash and debris into the street.
  • Removing garbage/recycling carts, vehicles, large debris, piles of leaves/branches, etc. from the curb on sweeping days.
  • Trim back branches near the street to prevent trees and equipment from being damaged.
  • Bicyclists should ride carefully and be aware of sweeping activity near bike lanes.
  • Drivers should give street sweepers plenty of room and only pass when safe to do so.

Learn more about the new street sweeping initiative.

View a sweeper up close

To help kick off this new partnership, SCA will attend the Fort Worth Police Department’s Code Blue Halloween Trunk or Treat event from 4-7 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 29. at the Bob Bolen Safety Complex, 505 W. Felix St.

A street sweeper will be staged at the event to educate residents on the vehicle and the benefits of street sweeping.

“It is a privilege to partner with the City of Fort Worth to support their litter reduction initiatives. We look forward to building a strong relationship with the city and its residents, while providing exceptional service,” said Tony Cincotta, SCA regional vice president of operations.

The City and SCA are also planning other fun activities in November to promote the new program.

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Photo: SCA uses mechanical broom and regenerative air sweepers to provide power sweeping services to more than 600 municipalities in the U.S.



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