Leave it on the lawn: Only rain down the storm drain

Published on November 22, 2022

04-21 stormwater 1.jpg

Autumn’s leaves are falling from trees in Fort Worth, leaving property owners wondering what to do with them.

The City’s Stormwater Program encourages residents to “Leave it on the Lawn” and to keep in mind that leaves and other yard waste can clog storm drains, increasing the risk of flooding to streets and yards.

Leaves should either be mulched and left on your lawn as compost to return valuable nutrients to the soil, or raked up and bagged. Do not use a leaf blower to blow leaves into the storm drain or into channels and creeks. This not only clogs the storm drainage system and channels, but also ultimately pollutes creeks, rivers and lakes, because everything in our storm drain system flows downstream.

If in doubt about what is legal to put into a storm drain, “Only Rain Down the Storm Drain” sums it up simply.

To report a clogged storm drain, call 817-392-3279 or use the MyFW app.



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