Public meetings to discuss non-FEMA flood risk updates

Published on November 11, 2022

While the Federal Emergency Management Administration maps flood risk along major streams and creeks, most reported flooding in Fort Worth occurs outside of the FEMA Floodplain, in what the City refers to as Non-FEMA Flood Risk Areas.

The City has placed Non-FEMA Flood Risk Areas into two categories:

  1. Areas where the City has evaluated the non-FEMA flood risk in detail are called City Flood Risk Areas, and these will be used to regulate development in the future.
  2. In contrast, the non-FEMA areas where the City has less detailed mapping, called Potential High-Water Areas, are used to warn about potential flood risks.

To better protect property owners in City Flood Risk Areas from flood risk, the City is revising the existing Floodplain Provisions Ordinance and updating the Stormwater Criteria Manual.

Currently, regulations do not require stormwater review for land disturbance less than one acre. With a revised ordinance, however, new development and redevelopment in City Flood Risk Areas would be required to show they comply with stormwater regulations, regardless of size.

The City Council is expected to vote on adopting the updates later this year.

Public engagement opportunities

Two community meetings are scheduled to inform residents about the updates:

  • Virtual public meeting, 6-7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 14 via Webex. The password is bZUECy3qP55. The phone-in number is 469-210-7159.
  • In-person public meeting, 6-8 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 16, Hazel Harvey Peace Center for Neighborhoods, 818 Missouri Ave., Room 201.

To learn more, contact Jennifer Dyke, assistant director in the Transportation & Public Works Department.



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