Proposed CCPD budget reflects expanded crime prevention initiatives

Published on August 29, 2022

FY2023 Annual Budget_WheelGraphic.jpg

What it does? Supplements the police budget to fund crime control and prevention efforts.

What’s the benefit to taxpayers? In a fast-growing city like Fort Worth, additional funds are needed to boost spending on public safety. The budget proposal for CCPD-funded programs includes more school crossing guards, teams to assist homeless people, and programs for at-risk teens. 

What’s the budget proposal? $117.3 million.

What’s next? The City Council, which serves as the CCPD board, votes on the budget in September.

Increased investment with community partners and expanding the crossing guard program to cover Fort Worth middle schools are among the significant changes recommended in the fiscal year 2023 Crime Control and Prevention District budget.

The CCPD, first approved by voters in 1995 to supplement the police budget, receives a half-cent of the city’s sales tax. In 2020, voters renewed the district for 10 years.

CCPD funds will also add positions to the HOPE homeless crisis team, neighborhood policing and the Crisis Intervention Team, according to the proposed budget presented to the City Council. Adding crossing guards to middle schools will cost $3.67 million.

The proposed CCPD budget is $117.3 million, up $22.4 million from the adopted budget in 2022. City staff projected a 16% increase in sales tax revenue over the 2022 adopted CCPD budget.

The City Council and the CCPD board, consisting of the City Council members, are scheduled to approve the budget in September.

In the proposed budget, a new Fort Worth @6 program will begin at Chisholm Trail Community Center in southwest Fort Worth, budgeted at $191,000. That program is geared toward at-risk youth.

Funding for Partners with a Shared Mission would increase by 16%. Community organizations are invited to request CCPD funding if their mission has a crime control or prevention component. In addition to these partner organizations, CCPD provides resources to multiple City departments – for example, to the Transportation & Public Works Department for school crossing guards and to the Park & Recreation Department for recreation activities.

The Police Department budget is part of the City’s general fund. The proposed fiscal 2023 police budget increases to $298.5 million, up from $282.5 million the previous year. The Police budget makes up more than 32% of the general fund.

Fort Worth’s fiscal year runs Oct. 1-Sept. 30.

View more details and see a schedule of upcoming engagement opportunities on the City’s budget webpage.



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