Como Pump Station Backup Power and Electric Improvements

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Water & Sanitary Sewer Imrpovements

The Como Pump Station is one of four large City of Fort Worth Water Department pump stations that are essential for water supply. The other pump stations in this capital improvement project include Altamesa, Eastside and Edwards Ranch.


The Como Pump Station requires replacement of aging electrical switchgear and motor as well as backup generators. The improvements are vital to keep the pump stations operating if there is another deep freeze similar to the one that Fort Worth experienced in February 2021.


These pump stations work to maintain consistent water pressure and provide adequate flow of water. The water pump stations serve to move potable (drinking) water from lower elevations to reservoirs and water towers that are at a higher elevation within the system.


The Como location is bound by Libbey Avenue to the north, Littlepage Street to the east, Blackmore Avenue to the south and Bryant Irvin Road North to the west.


The work in this project will be contained within the Como Pump Station site – in the 5900 block of Blackmore Avenue.


This project is in Fort Worth Council District 6 and the Como neighborhood association area.


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