Edgefield and Northwood Area Water and Sewer Improvements

  • Project typeWater & Wastewater Improvements
  • Project value$2,750,000.00
Water & Sanitary Sewer Imrpovements

Existing water mains and sanitary sewer mains will be replaced in an area bound by Rockwood Park Drive to the north, North Bailey Avenue to the east, Sherwood Avenue to the south, and Rockwood Park Drive to the west. This project includes cast iron water lines. 


Cast iron water lines will be replaced on:

  • Edgefield Road
  • Englewood Lane
  • Northwood Road
  • Oaklawn Drive
  • Springbrook Drive


Water and Sewer Replacement

  • Edgefield Road from Driver Avenue to Sherwood Avenue
  • Englewood Lane from Driver Avenue to Northwood Road
  • Northwood Road from Rockwood Park Drive to Wildwood Drive


Water Line Replacement

  • Oaklawn Drive from North Bailey Avenue to Driver Avenue
  • Springbrook Drive from Driver Avenue to Northwood Road


Sewer Line Replacement

  • Rockwood Park Drive from Lakewood Drive, then south 403 feet
  • Westwood Drive from Edgefield Road to Rockwood Park Road
  • Easement west of Northwood Road from 235 feet north and 85 feet west of the Northwood Road/Springbrook Drive intersection, then north 285 feet
  • Easement west of  Springbrook Drive from 185 feet west and 10 feet south of the Driver Avenue/Springbrook Drive intersection, then south 60 feet then southeasterly 500 feet
  • Easement north of North Bailey Avenue from 180 feet west and 85 feet south of the North Bailey Avenue/Wildwood Drive intersection, then south 160 feet
  • Easement north of Sherwood Avenue from 310 feet north of the Sherwood Avenue/Westwood Drive intersection, then east 245 feet
  • Easement west of North Bailey Avenue from 170 feet west of the North Bailey Avenue/Sherwood Avenue intersection, then north 240 feet


This Fort Worth Council District 7 capital improvement project is in a residential area that is surrounded by the West Fork Trinity River, Rockwood Golf Course and Greenwood Cemetery.  Construction will impact the Crestwood neighborhood association and the Westside Alliance. 


This project was previously named North Bailey, Crestwood, Lindenwood and Oaklawn Area Water and Sewer Improvements. 

Project meetings

Join Fort Worth Water on Monday, Feb. 12, at 7 p.m. for a virtual WebEx community construction meeting for the Edgefield and Northwood Area Water and Sewer Improvement project.


Go to www.WebEx.com and select “Join.” The meeting number is 2557 152 0062 and the meeting password is Edgefield. You can also call in by dialing 469-210-7159.


Please see the evite on this project page for more information. 





Project news

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