Fairpark, Debbie and Arrowwood Area Water and Sewer Improvements

  • Project typeWater and Wastewater Improvements
  • Project value$5,214,561.00
Water & Sanitary Sewer Imrpovements

Existing water and sewer mains will be replaced in the Carter Park area in an area bound by Blodgett Avenue to the north, Carter Park Drive and Sycamore Creek to the east, Seminary Drive to the south and Cole Street and the Union Pacific Railroad to the west.

Cast iron water lines will be removed on:

  • Fair Park Boulevard
  • Prince Street
  • Hathcox Avenue
  • Amspoker Avenue
  • Debbie Street
  • Arrowwood Drive
  • Anthony Street
  • Larson Lane


Sewer lines that are being replaced date back to the 1950s.


Council District 8 and Council District 11

Prince Street from Cole Street to east 200 feet (water and sewer)


Council District 8

Fair Park Boulevard from East Seminary Drive to Blodgett Avenue (water and sewer)

Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way from Eugene Avenue to Debbie Street (water)

Debbie Street from the Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way to Arrowwood Drive (water and sewer)

Arrowwood Drive from Seminary Drive to Carter Park Drive (water and sewer)

Amspoker Avenue from the Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way to Debbie Street (water and sewer)

Hathcox Avenue from the Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way to east 490 feet (water and sewer)

Anthony Street from Arrowwood Drive to Carter Park Drive (water and sewer)

Larson Lane from Anthony Street to Britton Avenue (water and sewer)

Blalock Avenue from the Fair Park Boulevard/Blalock Avenue intersection to west 50 feet (water)

Easement north of Blalock Avenue from the Blodgett Avenue/Fair Park Boulevard intersection to west 150 feet (water)

Easement west of Fair Park Boulevard from Blalock Avenue to Blodgett Avenue (sewer)

Easement west of Berke Road from Debbie Street to Blalock Avenue (sewer)

Easement west of Arrowwood Drive from 300 feet south and 80 feet east of the Debbie Street/Debbie Court intersection to south 220 feet (sewer)

Easement north of Seminary Drive from 250 feet north of the Seminary Drive/Arrowwood Drive intersection to west 375 feet (sewer)


Construction will impact the United Communities Association. 

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